Michael Parsons, MD FACOG

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About Us

All women deserve the best health care.

We are not a business, we are an Obstetrics and Gynecology practice.

As such, we are not here to manipulate your health care concerns into profit.

Our care is competent, caring, up-to-date, and accessible.

Our staff are friendly and work hard to see that your health care needs are met in a timely fashion.

We want to provide you with a complete set of options to your healthcare issues, not talk you into procedures that will make us the most money.  

We also know which medical experts to refer you to so that you will have the best outcome.

We have never, and will never, discriminate against women because of their type of health care insurance.  

We also provide affordable services for women with no health insurance.

As a private practice, we are not subject to outside pressure to put profit before patient.

As a private practice, you know that your medical privacy is guaranteed.  

You are welcome to call or come by to check us out.  

Dr. Parsons is a Board Certified Obstetrician Gynecologist with 21 years of experience.  He puts his patient's interests first and is a patient advocate, 
even if it entails a risk to his professional career.  He considers medicine to be a noble calling, despite the transformation of medicine into a business model.  To avoid the pressures of putting profit before patient, he decided to go into private practice, despite the personal and professional burden associated with being in private practice.  

All we ask in return is that you take your health as seriously as we do.​​